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"I think you might be a magician....My master bedroom and bathroom renovation is perfection!"


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We RE-DEFINE the process


If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate, come talk with us first.

At REDU, design is only half of our name. The real estate is what sets us apart. We want to work as part of your real estate team, BEFORE you have bought or sold your residential or commercial property.


For as low as $250, let our 3D Designs show you the possibilities of your property in only 48 hours!


For buyers who want to take advantage of the many homes and commercial properties being sold below market value due to their need for interior or exterior updating, we can help. Finding a home or offce with "good bones" that will be conducive to your renovation's special needs is best done with the trained eye of one of our design professionals. Don't wait until after you have bought to start the process. Buy with the confidence of knowing it can meet all of your wants and needs before you invest!


For sellers looking to put their property on the real estate market; if you don't have a lot of cash for interior updates to what will soon be someone else's home, we have the answer. For a fraction of the cost of new granite countertops in the kitchen, we can show prospective buyers the potential of every room in your house!


For renovators wanting to keep and build upon the earned equity in their existing home, REDU will listen to your wish list and turn your current house into the home you have always wanted it to be! Let the contractors do what they do best, construct with great craftsmanship, and leave the design and re-invention of your home up to those who do it best - the Real Estate + Design Union.


Looking for a Custom Home Designer? Whether you've been searching for the perfect home and just can't find an existing one to meet all of your needs or if you've found the perfect lot and now need a beautiful home to complete your ideal package, REDU provides custom home design teams led by our licensed architects and partnered with our long time trusted engineers. We provide the complete professional package necessary to create a stunning and functional home that is designed around you and your family to enjoy for years to come!

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